Flip Ranks 343 on Inc. 5000 List for 2020

Our Authorized Lines

More Than Distribution

“Specialty” is not based on the category of a part or its function, but on its disposition. Components may be:

  • ❯❯ High demand/Low availability
  • ❯❯ Allocated
  • ❯❯ Long lead time
  • ❯❯ EOL
  • ❯❯ Obsolete

Flip strategically acquires inventory from authorized suppliers that is based on market demands and needs.

Our Competitive Edge


Authorized Distribution

When our customers want components exclusively from authorized distribution, Flip delivers!


Cost Reduction

Flip provides highly competitive pricing by monitoring our client’s production demands and by looking for opportunities to reduce cost without comprising quality.


Excess Inventory

We offer our component manufacturing partners and our customers an alternative to the “liquidation model” for EOL, aging, or excess material.


Industry Knowledge

Flip is supported by extensive industry experience, bringing you valuable insight to supply chain challenges.


Quality Above All

The threat of counterfeiting has plagued component manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, and EMS firms for many years, and it continues to threaten quality and safety all over the world.

Counterfeit avoidance starts with a secure supply channel. Flip distributes a wide variety of components either as an authorized channel or through the authorized channel network.



With our strong focus on communication and customer satisfaction, Flip ensures that we deliver exceptional service every time. We maintain a strong relationship and open communication with our clients to create a tailored service that fits the needs of your business, whatever your size or budget.

We Deliver Results

We guarantee that we deliver results to our clients & partners all over the world. Our staff remains up to date with the industry’s latest trends through ongoing training and support, ensuring that you are making the right choice with Flip. Flip Electronics is able to meet your supply chain needs no matter where you are located.