Flip now ensuring the continued supply of Ampleon LDMOS product line

Solving for Obsolescence


Solving for obsolescence is a real concern and a growing problem for military aerospace, medical, and industrial OEMS who are faced with shorter component lifespans. Legacy products with extended life spans can suffer from component obsolescence and are at a high risk of counterfeit material. Flip can solve your component obsolescence problems, combining our factory-direct authorized lines with active EOL mitigation strategies and analytical tools to generate deep insights.


By sharing your demand data with Flip, we can co-create a proactive obsolescence mitigation strategy. Flip uses a data-driven approach that combines your demand data with our proprietary analytical tools to understand and take control of obsolescence challenges. Our factory-direct authorized relationships can enable extended lifetime buys and component manufacturing capabilities, supporting your legacy programs long into the future. In addition, our proprietary demand analytics process can help you stay ahead of your most challenging component obsolescence issues.


Flip combines client data with our industry analytic tools to drive deep insights customized for each customer. Flip empowers you to make better sourcing decisions and avoid the risks associated with the grey market. All of Flip’s authorized material is 100% traceable with full CofC, all while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you have the assurance of supply for your EOL components direct from the factory. Let us analyze your component data and customize a plan for every obsolete part.




Authorized Distribution

When our customers want components exclusively from authorized distribution, Flip delivers!


Extending Product Lifecycles

With our exclusive focus on EOL material, Flip can support OEM / EMS customers with a continuous source of supply of components for their legacy products. Flip extends the most critical components' lifecycle by partnering directly with the factory, building the bridge you need for assurance of supply beyond EOL notifications.


Problem Solving

Flip attacks the most challenging supply chain problems our customers face. Our business is laser-focused on finding solutions for the EOL and obsolescence issues that create supply chain disruption and production challenges.


Industry Knowledge

Flip is supported by extensive industry experience, bringing you valuable insight into supply chain challenges.

More Than Distribution

“Specialty” is not based on the category of a part or its function, but its disposition. Our Strategic Advantage:

  • ❯❯ Authorized Distributor
  • ❯❯ Lower Cost Alternative to the grey market for EOL components
  • ❯❯ 100% Authorized Material, allowing you to avoid unnecessary testing costs
  • ❯❯ Extended Delivery Schedules to support legacy products for up to five years.

Flip strategically acquires inventory from authorized suppliers that is based on market demands and needs.


Quality Above All

The threat of counterfeiting has plagued component manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, and EMS firms for many years, and it continues to threaten quality and safety all over the world.

Counterfeit avoidance starts with a secure supply channel. Flip distributes a wide variety of components either as an authorized channel or through the authorized channel network.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we deliver results to our clients and partners all over the world. Our staff remains up to date with the industry’s latest trends through ongoing training and support, ensuring you are making the right choice with Flip. Flip Electronics can meet your supply chain needs no matter where you are located.

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