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PCN: PCN 2023 0701

Date: July 13, 2023

Subject: Extending Production Support of Infineon Hotlink II products

To: All HotLink II Customers

Change Type: Major

Description of Change:

Resurgent Manufacturing Services (RMS) has been granted a manufacturing license from Infineon Technologies AG (Infineon) for certain members of the HotLink II family of products. The specific part numbers are listed below. Product manufactured by RMS will conform to the Infineon data sheet and carry the same part numbers as used by Infineon. There will be no change to the form, fit or function of the products.

Benefit of Change:

The HotLink II family of products manufactured by RMS will be available for order entry immediately with delivery currently anticipated in Q1, 2024. Customers with current designs using these products will not be required to execute product re-designs.

Part Numbers Affected: 5

Ordering Part Number

Impact to Direct Customers and Distributors:

Effective immediately, please contact RMS.PCN@flipelectronics.com for pricing and delivery information. Customers and distributors who currently have an engagement with Resurgent may place purchase orders at RMS.PO@Flipelectronics.com

Quality/Failure Analysis:

RMS shall be responsible for all failure analysis and quality related issues for RMS manufactured product. Infineon will be responsible for quality and failure analysis of Infineon manufactured product. The manufacturer may be determined by the logo on the part.

Approximate Implementation Date:

This change is effective immediately.

Response Required:

This is an information only announcement. No response is required.


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