Factory-Direct Fulfillment

Our strategic purchasing model allows us to have inventory unavailable from other channels. As the supply and demand pendulum swings, we can adjust our inventory profile to fit the current needs of the market. We are not focused on competing with traditional mainstream franchised distribution. We are focused on being a “middle inventory partner” that has the reliability of a franchise, but with the market savvy of an independent authorized supplier.

OEM & EMS Asset Recovery

Inventory imbalances are inevitable. When overstock or excess material needs to be liquidated, recovering as much value as possible within the required time frame and with the resources available becomes the new balance challenge. Flip has developed multiple programs for asset recovery designed with your objectives in mind. Don’t settle for standard “pennies-on-the-dollar” solutions. Let Flip do an open market sales analysis to determine the true value of your material. Then Flip can implement a custom solution that meets all of your objectives. For more information, contact us.


Partnering with Flip can reduce your cost on select items within your bill of materials. By leveraging our factory-direct EOL or obsolete inventory, we can create unique stocking programs designed specifically around your forecast and production schedule.