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Flip Electronics has the expertise, staff, and systems in place to assist you with both routine components and finding a specific component. We guarantee the quality of our products, and we have the network to find the most hard-to-find components. Request a quote today so that we can help you find what you are looking for.


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Why Flip Electronics?

Flip Electronics is dedicated to serving our all of our client needs, whether they are big or small. The expertise we have in the electronic component industry allows us to work closely with the military and aerospace industry, printing and manufacturing, computers and electronics, the medical field, etc. to ensure that our clients are able to obtain the components they need. We have a unique network of suppliers that allows us to obtain components in the fastest manner possible.

Our Services

  • Electronic Component Sourcing
  • Cost-Reduction Services
  • Analysis of Excess Inventory
  • Specialists in Our Trade

    We have a dedicated training program in place for our staff to ensure that the components we receive from our suppliers pass specific quality controls in-house. In the current state of the market, quality concerns have become increasingly important. Therefore, we ensure that all components are inspected thoroughly. We are a market leader in sourcing and delivering electronic components. Our commitment is to exceed our customers’ expectations.


    Flip Electronics is committed to quality assurance through maintaining compliance with a number of voluntary quality management and protection standards. We also take the testing of our products rather seriously by incorporating several evaluation and inspection tools. Some of these include ISO-9001 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance and x-ray, decapping, solderability testing, and functional testing of all parts.

    Our goal is to ensure that the product we provide you with is 100% accurate and as expected. We know that you expect perfection and we will provide you nothing but the best.